Expert Accounting For Churches

Churches face many challenges—from staffing to inefficient “back office” processes. Back office work, like accounting and administrative functions, is time-consuming and tedious in nature. The mere complexity of church fund accounting requires an elevated level of accounting expertise and time commitment—which most churches simply don’t have.

At Wilburn CPA, we thoroughly understand fund accounting and a church’s need for detailed and timely financial statements. Our accounting experts provide you with this mission-critical data—and all within our highly advanced online platform. Essentially, we act as your ‘internal’ accounting department, relieving you and your staff of intricate, time-intensive accounting work.

Consider all that we can do for you:

  • Handle all aspects of complex church fund accounting. You can rest assured that accounting experts are handling this highly complex work.
  • Process vendor bills efficiently. Because all processing is accomplished online, we can return relevant information to you quickly.
  • Manage and balance multiple checking accounts. We handle reconciling your accounts, and because all work is done online, you always have real-time access to your checkbooks for up-to-the-minute views of your cash position.
  • Process payroll. Our team of payroll specialists will handle all aspects of your payroll process.
  • Create detailed statements and reports to keep you updated on your financial status. Because your data is collected in real-time via the web, we can offer you a current view of your financial health at any time throughout the year.
  • Segregate your bookkeeping activity. To ensure the proper checks and balances, it’s a good idea to separate accounting activity from the business’ day-to-day operations. We become your remote accounting department—ensuring that the proper controls are in place and the integrity of your accounting process is maintained.

Because we have exceptional experience serving churches with their detailed accounting needs, you have peace of mind that your accounting is handled accurately and in a timely manner to keep your church financially healthy.